Top Hair & Beauty Academy in Meerut

Hair & Beauty Academy in Meerut In the ever-evolving world of fashion and beauty, the need for professional training is paramount. NS4 Hair & Beauty Academy, based in Meerut, stands tall as a beacon of excellence in this industry. This comprehensive institution is committed to offering students an exceptional learning experience, empowering them to become […]

Top Hair & Beauty Academy in Mathura

Hair & Beauty Academy in Mathura In the heart of India’s spiritual and historical city, Mathura, lies the NS4 Hair & Beauty Academy, a hub of creativity, innovation, and practical learning in the field of hairdressing and beauty culture. This prestigious institution serves as a platform for aspiring hairstylists, beauty therapists, and make-up artists who […]

Top Hair & Beauty Academy in Aligarh

Hair & Beauty Academy in Aligarh If you’re passionate about the world of beauty and hairstyling, the NS4 Hair & Beauty Academy in Aligarh provides the perfect opportunity to turn your interest into a successful career. This reputable institution offers a solid foundation for aspiring hairstylists and beauty specialists, using an immersive, hands-on approach to […]

The Importance of Professional Training in the Beauty Industry

The Importance of Professional Training in the Beauty Industry The beauty industry, with its vast potential for creativity and innovation, is a sector where talent often meets opportunity. However, talent alone isn’t enough to thrive in this competitive field. For aspiring beauty professionals, it’s crucial to understand that success often depends on a solid foundation […]

Hair Styling

Micro Ring Hair Extensions The micro ring technique is generally considered the smallest and most undetectable hair extension technique available, combining soft or fine strands of natural hair with the extension hair. No glue, sewing, or braids are involved, so your hair is not damaged. Micro ring extensions should last three to four months before […]

Bridal / Party Make-Up

Make-Up Make-up is well known as the most accessible fashion accessory and eye make-up, in particular, is the most effective way to give clients a fresh new look. We will cover day and evening make-up looks to suit different face shapes and skin tones as well as a corrective make-up. No prior knowledge or experience […]

Tattoo Art

Lesson 1 Introduction What can you achieve Transfers and tracings Lesson 2 Re-cap Your attitude Applying for transfers Equipment/surgical requirements Lesson 3 Re-cap Maintaining your equipment Instruction on the use of your equipment Lesson 4 Re-cap Outlining practice Skin types Lesson 5 Re-cap Shading and coloring Photographing your work Lesson 6 Policies Aftercare Faqs Hygiene […]