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The Business Benefits

Professional Instructors

Flexible Schedules

Affordable Tuition

Hands-On Training

Career Preparation


Industry Recognition

Cutting-Edge Technology

Modern Facilities

Student Support Services

NS4 Provides Strong Support
to its franchisees for

World Class Training

NS4 Academy offers world-class training and education to aspiring professionals in the beauty and hair industries.

Qualified Faculty

Our best qualified faculty members are highly experienced professionals with years of experience in their field.


NS4 Academy provides its students with the best placement opportunities through its network of recruiters and partners.


NS4 Academy offers the best courses and training for aspiring hairdressers and beauty professionals.

Why investing in NS4 is profitable

Manpower Support

We understand that providing exceptional education and training goes hand in hand with comprehensive manpower support. Our commitment to shaping the careers of aspiring beauty professionals goes beyond classroom instruction; we strive to offer the resources and assistance necessary to help students succeed in the competitive world of hair and beauty.

Operations Team & CCS

We believe in providing an exceptional educational experience for our students. To achieve this, our dedicated Operations Team and Customer Care Services (CCS) play an integral role in ensuring a smooth and supportive learning environment. Their primary goal is to ensure that students have access to the resources and facilities they need to succeed in their courses.

Effective Marketing

Plays a pivotal role in showcasing our exceptional training programmes and attracting aspiring professionals from the beauty industry. Our comprehensive marketing strategy includes a strong online presence through social media platforms, engaging website content, and targeted email campaigns that keep our audience informed about our latest course offerings, events, and success stories.

Awards and Recognitions

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