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Hair Styling

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

The micro ring technique is generally considered the smallest and most undetectable hair extension technique available, combining soft or fine strands of natural hair with the extension hair. No glue, sewing, or braids are involved, so your hair is not damaged. Micro ring extensions should last three to four months before needing to be removed, reinstalled, or tightened.

Bridal Hair Up

Create beautiful-looking hairstyles to complement any occasion, brides, proms, or anniversaries. During this course, we will teach pinning and styling, curling using styling tools, barrel curls, fishtails, plaits and application of hair ornaments.

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.
Training manual provided.

Level 1

  • Basic & advance
  • Hair theory
  • Scissor & combing practice
  • Normal sections
  • Basic 4 hair cuts
  • Basic cuts theory
  • Basic hair styling
  • Male basic 1 haircut
  • Blow dryer styling
  • Head massage
  • Ironing
  • Basic hair & conditioner treatment
  • Shampoo practical
  • 1 basic colour

Level 2

Basic & advance

  • Hair consultation
  • Hair science
  • Customer care
  • Hair different sections & partings
  • Advance 5 cuts with styling
  • Hair spa treatment
  • Shampoo & mask practical
  • Hair fall treatment theory only
  • Tong curls
  • Iron curls
  • Hot rollers
  • Foil paper curls
  • Rebonding
  • Colour highlights
  • Global colouring
  • Hair product knowledge
  • Hair texturizing
  • Fringe cutting advanced technique
  • Different blow dryer styling
  • Iron curls
  • Ethics & hygiene
  • Root touchup
  • Styling products knowledge