NS4 Academy

Admission Process

The NS4 Academy Unit facilitates the admission process of prospective students by offering them the required counselling and guidance to help them select the right course.

This unit is for admissions from time to time during the year at the academy. The unit guides students in processing their applications for admission to the selected course. Admissions are finalised only after the completion of all formalities and the submission of all required documents.

Once here, students discover that exploration, challenge, and curiosity are limited only by their desires.

The admissions unit ensures a transparent and prompt admission process.

Application forms and brochures can be obtained in person from the unit located in the academy. Alternatively, you can Apply Online.

Enquiry: Email an inquiry to the Admissions Unit at academy@ns4salon.com.

Counseling: Our counsellors guide candidates through the selection process of the right course and their respective career prospects, placement opportunities, etc.

Eligibility check: The eligibility of the candidate for the opted course is checked and confirmed by the respective authorities at Indian academy. (Click courses for eligibility.)

Submission of a photocopy of the document: A candidate may take admission in the opted course by paying the registration fee and submitting the necessary supporting documents, testimonials, and a filled-out application form.

Fees Payment

Admission and registration fees can be paid in cash or online.

  1. All instalment fees must be paid no later than the 7th of each month, according to the respective course package or instalment plan agreed.
  2. If payments are expected to be late, the student must contact the administrator to explain the situation. If student is in genuine difficulty with payment, the administrator will try to agree a plan of payment with the student within Academy regulation that s/he can afford.
  3. The Academy is available to accept a deposit to hold a student’s place for a maximum of 6 months. Official notification via email will be sent when it is near expiration.
  4. Deposits are strictly non-refundable. However, a deposit can be transferred to the next available course provided.
  5. Should a student fail to attend a confirmed course, opt out of the course, or complete the course within the course duration, no refunds of deposits or fees will be made.
  6. Any student who has outstanding debts to the Academy out of either credits or loss or damage of property of the Academy, shall not be allowed to attend classes or sit for any related examination(s) until s/he clears the debt or enters special agreement with the Academy on how to redeem the debt.
  7. Worksheet, homework template, information sheet, and any related academic instrument are being provided without any charges for now. Reprinting of any instrument will be charged accordingly.